This film screening will be a part of a cross-community series of events sponsored by WWU's Center for Canadian-American Studies and in coordination with Village Books and Evolve Cafe. The writer of the book, Catherine Hernandez, will be attending author events at Village Books and Evolve (visit for tickets and details), and she'll be joining us at the Pickford for a post-screening Q&A hosted by Christina Keppie, Director of the Center for Canadian-American Studies. March 6 | 2 pm | Virtual visit in C/AM 497E March 21 | 6 pm | Life Between the Pages dinner at Evolve Café March 22 | 7:30 pm | Author’s event at Village Books About the film: This adaptation of the award winning Canadian novel by Catherine Hernandez follows three pre-teens in a low-income Toronto neighborhood who find friendship and community. This unblinking drama chronicles the struggles of the kids and their families. Scarborough is a neighborhood populated by marginalized groups that don’t mesh in the grander scheme of Canadian culture. Drug addiction, abandonment, violence and racism are mixed with normal growing pains. There are heroic adults alongside horrific parenting. Scarborough premiered at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. Hernandez, who penned the screenplay won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 10th Canadian Screen Awards in 2022. The film also won the award for Best Picture, Best Director, and Liam Diaz won Best Actor for his portrayal of Bing, one of the children. About the novelist, Catherine Hernandez: Catherine Hernandez (she/her) is an award-winning author and screenwriter. She is a proud queer woman who is of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese and Indian descent and married into the Navajo Nation. Her first novel, Scarborough, won the Jim Wong-Chu Award for the unpublished manuscript; was a finalist for several awards including Canada Reads 2022. She wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation of Scarborough, which was nominated for 11 Canadian Screen Awards and won 8 including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. Her second novel, Crosshairs, was shortlisted for the Toronto Book Award and made the CBC's Best Canadian Fiction, NOW Magazine's 10 Best Books, Indigo Best Book, and NBC 20 Best LGBTQ Books list of 2020. Her third novel, The Story of Us, will be published Feb 28 2023. She is currently working on a few television projects and her fourth novel.DramaPT2H31M2023-03-21T00:00:00+00:00
Liam Diaz
Essence Fox
Anna Claire Beitel
Rich Williamson
Shasha Nakhai
Shasha Nakhai
Kenya-Jade Pinto


March 21, 2:45 pm